Notes on the Canadian Mission to Trinidad, VI(e-ii)
~ Susamachar Church

Susamachar Church ~ c. 1900
Rev. Grant's original Manse, Theological College and Church on Coffee Street.
Naparima College began as a small class on these premises in 1894.

Rev. Grant was the pastor of Susamachar, (Hindi for Church of Good Tidings) for thirty-seven years. The church began in 1871 as an open piece of ground, "on the southernmost limits of the town".
"...then [was built] a roof; later, walls were enclosed; over mother earth, pitch was poured; and yet later a pitchpine floor was introduced. Boards used as seats supported on blocks were superseded by decent pews. The sixteenth year gave the ceiling."
- George Adhar, also likely the photograher. A professional photographer with a shop almost in the spot from where this picture was taken, we are indebted to him for much of the early photographic record. Since the church is quite complete here, along with other buildings and telephone wires, this photo is probably from the 1900's.
(photo from My Missionary Years)

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