Notes on the Canadian Mission to Trinidad, VI(e-i)
~ Susamachar Church

Pastor and Elders of the Susamachar Church, c. 1886
Jacob W. Corsbie, Arthur Girdhari, Rev. Lal Behari, J.N. Nansoo
C.H. Gopaul, Joga Grant, Rev. Kenneth Grant, C. Fitzpatrick,
James Mungal, J.E. Rattan
The picture was likely taken at the Manse or Oriental Hall on Carib Street. probably in the 1890's. It is the only picture of Behari (b. 1850) together with Dr. Grant. As a boy, Corsbie and his mother fled fighting in China in 1860.
(photo from My Missionary Years)

Susamachar Church(ii)
The Iere Home for Girls
The Role of the Converted
The Rev. Dr. Kenneth James Grant in the field
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