Form 5A, 1953 .. Form 6, 1953

... at the north-west corner of classic Naps. The stair at left led to the upper floor near Doc's office.

~ Senior Cambridge class of 1953 ~
Front (l-r): Lal Jaglalsingh, Hector Baptiste, Ishmael Khan, Hollister Brewster, Mr. Ben O.Yisudas, Owen Tibbetts, Babooram Rambissoon, Lennox Teelucksingh, Frank Ramlal
Middle: Ousman Ali?, Sieulal Sankar, Deokinanan Sharma, Winston Rampaul, Boyie Ali?, Vernon Doodnauth, Donald Amichand, L. Poonwassie, Frank Teelucksingh, Chandi Kuar Singh, R. Seebaran?, Steve Ramsankar, Addison Khan, Lincoln Mohan, Gene Ramcharan, Samadh Ali, Esmond Scobie, Edmond Alexander
Rear: Garlo Boodoosingh, Harrylal Seurattan, Claude Ramcharan, Wahid R. Ali, S. Chajatoor?, B.Ramlogan, Ragoo Dass, Wahid Ali?, R.Ramlogansingh

photo courtesy of Frank Ramlal
Deokinanan Sharma reviewed the names in 2015

Now, how many today remember a tree in that location? Behind the photographer would have been a small building, housing the library and business office - all replaced by the 1959 construction of the current wing.

WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Sieulal Sankar is enjoying his retirement with wife Sylvia in Toronto. Frank Ramlal is also happily in retirement in Montreal. Wahid R Ali reports that he, Frank Teelucksingh and Addison Khan are among those in TT.

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