The Senior Cambridge class of 1948 and the Higher Cambridge class of 1949 constitute one group of over sixty students, many of whom had spent all their young years at school together. Girls from Naparima Girls' High School joined the boys for the HSC year. The school was at a peak of its development, with Rev. Walls as principal. The sense of academy, nourished by Mssrs. Sammy, Bissessar, Laltoo, and many other well-known masters of the time and afterward was in its prime. The country, like the others in the world, was filled with a post-war sense of optimism and a new outlook on society.

This group reflected this unique period. Their graduation was presided over by royalty, no less, in the person of HRH Princess Alice. The boys of the graduating class were asked to wear dark suits, perhaps for the first time. The Speech Day procession marched to Chopin's Polonaise in A-flat major, which Clarence Madhosingh reported sixty years later as still invoking his nostalgia for that occasion.

This is the only class-group to date that on their own held not one but three grand reunions, over a period of five and a half decades, between their graduation, and 2004.

The pages that follow capture some of their energy, spirit, and their joy of life.

~ List of Names of Class 1948-49 ~
and last known locale
Alleyne, Yola .. Curepe
Atwell, ..
Ayoung, Henry .. USA
Baney, Ralph .. MD, USA
Boodoo, Indrani .. UK
Brathwaite, Rodney ..
Chattoor, Debi .. San Fernando
Chattoor, Ramcoomair .. USA
Crichlow, Marjorie .. Curepe
Crichlow, Phyllis .. Tobago
Evanson, David .. San Fernando
Fung, John Yee .. Port-of-Spain
Girdharrie, Calvin .. San Fernando
Goberdhan, Zaddel .. CA, USA
Harnanan, Lessy .. Cascade
Hosein Catherine .. UK
Hosein Ismet ..
Jaggernauth, Boysie ..
Jamadar, Mona .. San Fernando
James, Sheila .. Guyana
Khan, June .. Ontario
Khan, lshmael .. San Fernando
Khan, Roland .. San Fernando
Koylass, Hendron .. San Fernando
Koylass, Rudolph .. Penal
Lakhan, Jean .. Chaguanas
Lalsingh, ..
LeeWah, James .. San Fernando
Lutchman, Evans ..
Lynch, Rudolph ..
Madhosingh, Clarence .. Ontario
Mahabir, Cynthia .. Ontario
Maharaj, Madan Manohar .. Curepe
Mahase, Anna ..
Martin, Percival .. San Fernando
Meghu, Vilma .. BC
Metivier, John .. UK
Moe, Eileen ..
Mohammed, Mona .. Curepe
Mohammed, Noel .. USA
Mohammed, Vernon .. BC
Mohammed, Zalayhar .. Port-of-Spain
Moonan, Pearl .. Toronto
Nagina, Violet ..
Natta, Audrey .. Point Fortin
Natta, Sinclair .. Point Fortin
Niamath, Ermine ..
Persad, Carlyle .. San Fernando
Prime, Lenora ..
Ramcharan, Phyllis .. DE, USA
Ramdial, Clive .. San Fernando
Ramdial, Moonesar .. Hermitage
Ramesar, Cynthia .. San Fernando
Ramkissoon, Rajandaye .. San Fernando
Sankerali, Pearl .. Ontario
Scoon, Kelvin .. Port-of-Spain
Shah, Shaffeyei .. La Romain
Soodeen, Claude .. Canada
St. George, Hamilton .. Port-of-Spain
Sutherland, Merle ..
Teelucksingh, George D. .. Ontario
Thompson, Sylvia .. San Fernando
Tiah, Pat ..
Tiah, Robert .. Freeport
list compiled 1969 by C. Madhosingh