The first reunion was in 1969. Besides a number of the former students themselves, former teachers Mr Laltoo, Mr Bissessar, Mr Matadeen, Mr Sammy and Mr Best are present, as well as spouses.

~ 20th YEAR REUNION 1969 ~
Right to left: front row, Mrs. Marion Sammy, Mrs M. Ayoung, Vera Baney, Ralph Baney, Clarence Madhosingh, Mrs I Bissessar, Mrs Joyce Matadeen

2nd row: Mr J. S. Sammy, Madan Manowar-Maharaj, Ralph Laltoo, Carl Lakhan, Henry Ayoung, Mrs Marjorie Laltoo
3rd row, begin l. of Mr Laltoo: Mrs Norma Girdharrie,--, --, Mrs Zalaymar Hassanali, Mrs L. Cave
back row: Percy Matadeen, Mr Wennel Best, Clifton Saney, Percy Persad, Shaffiye Shah, Lennox Cave, Vernon Jamadhar, John Metivier, Calvin Girdharrie, Noor Hassanali, Percy Harnanan, Sair Ali Shah, Mr Ivan Bissessar
photo courtesy of C. Madhosingh