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(*)Video clips of Mr Ralph Laltoo in 1997 enhance these pages. He was an enthusiastic contributor to the website, immediately recognizing the value of web technology. Mr. Laltoo passed away at his retirement home in Moncton, NB, on August 26, 2004. Obituary here; and his own playful Naps-boy epitaph here: click for film-clip

A graduate and senior master at Naps in the 1940's, Mr Laltoo went on to be the first principal of NorthEastern College, and then principal at Queen's Royal College. A strict disciplinarian, he is remembered at QRC as the master who stopped an earthquake by speaking firmly to it.

He was writing on the blackboard, and being on his feet, with limited reference vision, did not realize that a significant earth tremor had begun, until he heard the commotion behind him as boys made for the door. He turned, and roared:

"What is the matter with you boys? Who gave you permission to leave this room?"

"Sir, sir, the earthquake!!"

"Earthquake! There is no earthquake!" thundered Mr. Laltoo.

The earth ceased quaking at once. The boys returned to their seats and the class - and the legend - continued.