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    posted by: NC  Item: 88
    Aug 01 2013
    OBITUARY: Ashton Chambers
    Location: New York City

    August 1, 2013: T&T lost one of its great personalities in Radio, Ashton F. Chambers, today. A 1959 Naps grad, one of the first "broadcasters" on the BCN, was an announcer on 610 Radio Guardian. He died in New York.

    He was popular with the teenagers in the late 50's, 60's and 70's and was the host of a Saturday morning show "Sat-Teen-Session" Ashton was not limited to announcing he was an excellent newscaster and current affairs producer.

    In my respectful view, a truly fine Announcer in that traditional style of excellence -he could excel at just about everything in a studio. And a good person. He left a lot of good things in his will for us. He was much liked, admired, and emulated.

    Ashton F Chambers 1941 - 2013 Rest in Peace.

    Alfred Aguiton

    posted by: NTS  Item: 87
    Location: Toronto
    Nov 22 2010
    OBITUARY: Rev. Dayfoot passes away in To

    posted by: NC  Item: 86
    Location: NC
    Dec 31 2009
    OBITUARY: Recent Passings

    posted by: NC  Item: 84
    Location: San Fernando
    May 03 2009
    OBITUARY: Roy Jagroopsingh

    posted by: NC  Item: 83
    Location: USA
    Jan 29 2009
    OBITUARY: James Ramsaran

    posted by: NC  Item: 75
    Location: Winnipeg
    Jun 08 2008
    OBITUARY: Kelvin Bramadath

    posted by: 416-924-7439 NC  Item: 73
    Location: Toronto
    Jun 05 2008
    OBITUARY: Cathy Dayfoot

    posted by: NGHS  Item: 72
    Location: Baltimore, USA
    May 21 2008
    OBITUARY: Vera Baney

    posted by: Ansel Wong Hillview  Item: 70
    Location: Trinidad
    Apr 29 2008
    OBITUARY: Richard Kokaram

    posted by: Harold Hosein NC  Item: 65
    Location: London, ONTARIO
    Feb 08 2008
    OBITUARY: Winston Sookhbirsingh

    posted by: Stan NC  Item: 59
    Location: Ottawa, Canada
    Nov 22 2007
    OBITUARY: Harold Harnarine

    posted by: NC  Item: 51
    Location: T&T
    Aug 17 2007
    OBITUARY: Ian Angus N. Ali

    posted by: NC  Item: 49
    Location: Toronto
    Jul 03 2007
    Obituary: Rawle Narayansingh

    posted by: NC  Item: 48
    Location: Edmonton, AB
    Jul 15 2007
    OBITUARY: Steve Ramsankar, 1935-2007

    posted by: Ian Ramdial NAAC  Item: 37
    Location: Sudbury, Ont.
    Oct 18 2004
    OBITUARY: Reverend Newbery

    posted by: NC  Item: 36
    Location: Moncton, NB
    Aug 26 2004
    OBITUARY: Ralph Laltoo passes away

    posted by: krm NC  Item: 28
    Location: USA
    Jan 30 2003
    Obituary: Willa Mulchansingh

    posted by: NC  Item: 18
    Location: SF'do
    Jun 10 2001
    OBITUARY: Mr Selwyn Yamin-Ali

    posted by: NC  Item: 63
    Location: UK
    Aug 10 1997
    OBITUARY: Hamlyn Mulchansingh

    posted by: NC  Item: 62
    Location: Nova Scotia
    Apr 18 1997
    OBITUARY: Singari Boodoosingh

    posted by: NTC  Item: 61
    Location: San Fernando
    Mar 19 1997
    OBITUARY: Rajkumar Maharaj