NC Staff 1948
.. .. .. .. CLASS OF 1948-49

~ College Staff 1948~
Front (l-r):1. Ralph Clarence "Hoghead" Laltoo, English
2. Henry Bernard Kangaloo, Art. Taught at the Training College and came over just to teach Art
3. James Sooknanan "Sambo" Sammy, Vice principal Geography and ran the book store
4. Rev Victor Benjamin Walls, Principal, Religious Knowledge
5. Joyce Meghu, Geography English
6. Ivan "Doc" Bissessar, Dean of Discipline, Mathematics
7. Alister "Duckfoot" McLeod, Dean of Residence, Religious Knowledge and boxing coach.

Middle:1. Clifford Ramcharan, French, Geography, Biology
2. Arnold "Bogart" Harnanan, Mathematics
3. Errol Roopnarine, Chemisty
4. Sam Naranjit, French
5. Sam "Vauxy" Gopaul

Rear: 1 Benjamin "Zubes/Snugs" Yisudas
2. "Tex Ritter" Mahabir(?)
3 Elmo Lennard
4. Wennel Best
5. Winston Mahatoo
Absent: Michael "Snowwhite" Hall

photo courtesy of Clarence Madhosingh; notes from Ainsley Sankerali

It is fairly certain this photo is before January 1949. Mr Roopnarine was gone by then, and Mr YaminAli had started.