1890's: A First Graduate 

In the center of our cover photograph is Mr Jacob Laltoo, son of Henry Laltoo, (pictured at left).

Henry was one of the earliest graduates of Rev. Grant's personal classes, from which grew Naparima College. Tutored together with Rev Grant's own daughters, Margaret and Claudia, he was eventually appointed Headmaster of Hermitage Canadian Mission School from 1896 to 1900, and then a catechist until his ordainment in 1915 as a minister of the Presbyterian church.
"...In Girdhari, Radhakissun, Pryag, Laltoo, and Lakhan, we have strong men: these last three are respectable English scholars..." 
- Rev. Grant, writing to Mission Council, 1902
Henry had two sons who also attended Naparima: Jacob and Ralph.

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