Notes on the Canadian Mission to Trinidad, VIII
List of Canadian Missionaries to Trinidad

1867Rev. J. Morton1911
1870Rev. K. J. Grant1907
1874Rev. Thomas Christie1883
1875Mr. John A. Macdonald1877
1880Rev. and Mrs. J. W. MacLeod1886
1883Rev. J. Knox Wright1888
1886Rev. and Mrs. W. L. McRae (Sarah Mitchell)1905
1889Rev. F. J. Coffin1894
1891Rev. and Mrs. A. W. Thomson (Miss Morton)1910
1894Mr. S. A. Fraser1920?
1901Rev. and Mrs. Harvey H. Morton1935
1903Rev. F. J. Coffin1927
1906Rev. W. J. Jamieson1915
1907Rev. A. T. Firth1907
1909Rev. and Mrs. J. A. Scrimgoeur1948
1909Rev. R. B. Layton1911
1911Rev. and Mrs. W. I. Green1930
1914Rev. and Mrs. H. F. Kemp1954
1920?Rev. and Mrs. George MacLeod1929
1920?Rev. and Mrs. George Murray1952
1920?Rev. and Mrs. J. C. Macdonald1955
1924Rev. and Mrs. V. B. Walls1953
1928Rev. and Mrs. H. F. Swann1957
1932Rev. and Mrs. R. D. Macintosh1941
1942Rev. and Mrs. C. F. Grant1944
1942Rev. and Mrs. F. Hilliard1945
1945Rev. and Mrs. T. L. Jackson1948
1946Rev. and Mrs. A. G. MacLeod1948
1946Rev. and Mrs. I. W. Kirkpatrick1962
1946Rev. and Mrs. J. W. Grant1951
1949Rev. and Mrs. C. G. Kitney
1949Rev. and Mrs. J. C. Thompson1956
1950Rev. and Mrs. J. W. Newbery1959?
1952Rev. and Mrs. A. C. Dayfoot1970?
1953Rev. and Mrs. E. E. Newcombe
1953Rev. and Mrs. E. T. Lute1962
1955Rev. and Mrs. Alcorn1958
1956Rev. and Mrs. J. D. Wood1959
1958Rev. and Mrs. R. T. Jordison
1959Rev. and Mrs. L. A. Purdy1964
1961Rev. and Mrs. E. Yoshioka
1961Rev. and Mrs. W. Hogman


List of First Native Ministers

(The Presbyterian Theological College was founded in 1890)

1882Rev. Lal Behari Singh1915
1896Rev. Andrew Gayadeen1911
1896Rev. Paul Bhukan1908
1896Rev. David Ujagarsingh1904
1910Rev. Henry Laltoo1958

Early Canadian Women Teachers to Trinidad
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