Notes on the Canadian Mission to Trinidad, V
Example of Statistics Kept by the Mission in 1900

"STATISTICS" [sic][1900]
.TunapunaSan Fern'oP. TownCouvaTotals
Canadian Missionaries12115
Ordained Natives22004
Bible Women233412
Baptisms, adults77621938196
Baptisms, children64783732211
Baptisms, total1411405670407
Canadian lady teachers11103
Boys on roll11239658074843379
Girls on roll3744603202241378
Total on roll1497142511277084757
Average daily attendance8608516064242741
Total enrolled during the year26002147166611447557
Communicants, Dec. 31st, 1899150362141100753
Added during the year30518998
Died during the year254011
Removed during the year1150521
Returned to India00000
In good standing, Dec. 31st, 1900161402145104812
Net increase11404459
Sunday Schools1518221873
Number on roll702101010968553663
Daily average3597595164872121
Contributions of proprietors$600$456$96$1008$1440
Contributions of Native Church$1006$2244$946$1008$5204
Average per communicant$6.25$5.58$6.52$9.69$6.41

In 1900, the Susamachar ("church of good tidings") congregation of San Fernando also decided to fund by themselves all of Dr. Grant's annual salary of 300 pounds sterling, or $1500. (Both monetary notations are used in the 1900 minutes). The "average contribution per communicant" in 1900 seems quite high in proportion to the minister's salary.

The above information is taken from:
Minutes of the Mission Council of the Presbyterian Church in Canada
by kind permission of the Presbyterian Church in Canada Archives and Records Office.

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