photos and original documents in this section were kindly provided in 2014
by Mr Ross MacKay and Ms Debbie MacLoon Agnew,
grand-nephew and grand-niece of Dr Kemp.

Notes on the Canadian Mission to Trinidad, XIIIb

The Mission after the pioneers ~ ~
The Rev. Dr. Hector Francis Kemp 1884-1960

Dr Kemp's Wedding Party at La Pique, January 1, 1924

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Wedding 1924
more on Dr Kemp Rev Morton Mr Louter Rev Murray Rev Green Mr H. Dyment Miss Bernice Lahouri Miss Phoebe Lahouri Miss Isabella Ford Mrs Wilson Mrs Hsrvey Morton Miss Mary Martin Miss B. Bentley Mrs Sarah Morton Miss Doon Mackie Bell Miss Beattie Miss Edith Doyle Dr Coffin Marion Macdonald Dr Kemp iss Salter Miss A. J. Archibald Rev Wilson Mrs Macdonald Rev Macdonald