Girls and Guys of '61... [ more]


fry and spry patricia and i
chased patricia across a lawn way
vermilion footfalls in the blue
coltish skittish taut in heart
animals young of the earth at play
all lemons were clear and tart
sky was blue air very new
i chased patricia's legs and laughing across the day

not all young of the species survive
fortune's rake and constant harrow
one playmate did not stay alive
i saw white and dead
patricia folded in her bed
patricia's glasses on its nose

it would be best to die in spring i suppose
when thoughts and blood are neap and flood fresh
some say we are the best part
of an older slower flesh
a beast that sleeps in fraught snows

i want to write what i have seen
on parchment for on protein scrolls
that ravel when the season tolls
i see patricia laughing on the green