Form 3ASpecial, 1946-47
.. .. FORM 3ASP 1945-46 .. .. FORM3A 1945 .. .. CLASS OF 1948-49

~ Form 3A Special 1946-47~
Front (l-r): Clive Teelucksingh, Alan Mackenzie, Ezekiel Mike, Rev. John Weldon Grant, Winston Leonard, Samuel Thornhill, XX.
Middle: XX, XX, Clayton Nata, Harry Goordial, Ackbir Ali, Ken Ablack, Deosarran, XX, XX, XX, XX
Rear: XX, Ben Critchlow, XX, Esmond Laltoo, Amichand, Wilton Liba, Rennie Wilkie, XX, XX, XX, XX

photo courtesy of Fred Thornhill
WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Alan M. became principal and a notable figure in TT education, now retired in Sando town;
Clive T. lives in England, Ken A. in Ontario;
Esmond L. studied in England, taught at NC all his career, passed away in 2010.

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