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Location: T&T
Aug 17 2007
OBITUARY: Ian Angus N. Ali
Ian Angus N. Ali, 70, passed away in Trinidad on August 17, 2007.

Ian is well-remembered by students of the fifties and sixties as representing Trinidad scouts at a jamboree in Canada in1956 (together with Samuel Austin Webb, also deceased).

Throughout his years at Naps, he inspired his fellow students with his personal poise and artistic endeavours. His spare poetic contributions to the Olympian were mature beyond his years.

He was a Marabella boy, cycling to school from his home was near the sea-front. His father was a pharmacist; his mother a teacher. He had 2 brothers, Bobby and Kalam, and a sister Mary.

After HC, Ian went to England to further his studies in art, at the Bath Academy of Art, Sir John Cass School of Art and Hammersmith College of Art and Building.. On his return, he taught at Presentation College for a period. He married his teenage sweetheart from the Curepe/St.Augustine area and had 2 daughters.

In the 80’s, he helped pioneer the character of TTT with his children’s show “RikkiTikki”, on which he was known to his young audience as “Uncle Ian”.

Ian’s career as a teacher, artist and media personality spanned 42 years. He was a genuine humanitarian and a patriotic graduate of Naparima.