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~ Wide World
Enos SewlalNC1970sChaconia Medalnational archival work1
Stephen RamsankarNC1983Order of Canadatransformative school administration2
Stephen RamsankarNC1983United Nations Global Citizentransformative school administration3
Premchand RattanNC1990Chaconia Medal, Goldlong service in Medicine4
Elisha TikasinghNC1994Distinguished Service Award in Public HealthCaribbean Public Health Association5
Elisha TikasinghNC1995Outstanding Service to Medical TechnologyCaribbean Association of Medical Technologists6
Elisha TikasinghNC2005National Icon in Science & TechnologyNational Institute of Higher Education7
Kenneth LallaNC1998Chaconia Medal, GoldPublic Service8
Kenneth LallaNC2004Defence Force MedalPublic Service9
Rab MaharajNC2000T&T Medal of Merit, SilverContribution to Meteorology and Weather Broadcasting10
Brinsley SamarooNC2014Chaconia Medal, GoldPublic Service11
Lall R. SawhNC1994Chaconia Medal, Goldlong service in Medicine12
Fayad W. AliNC2012Outstanding Public Service AwardEducation13
Allan McKenzieNC2012Outstanding Public Service AwardEducation14
~ School Days
Scott FraserNC1913Jerningham Medal, Silver15
Errol Alva RamdinNC1920sJerningham Medal, GoldJunior Cambridge16
Errol Alva RamdinNC1920sJerningham Medal, GoldSenior Cambridge17
Enos SewlalNC1934?Jerningham Medal, GoldJunior Cambridge18
Enos SewlalNC1935?Jerningham Medal, GoldSenior Cambridge19
Sylvia RamcharanNC1930sIsland Scholarship20
Winston MahabirNC1940Island Scholarship21
Kathleen SmithNC1946Island Scholarship22
Alma Lum SerNC1953Island Scholarship23
Larry LutchmansinghNC1957Island Scholarship24
Ken Rajkumar MaharajNC1959House ScholarshipSenior Cambridge25
Premchand RattanNC1959Jerningham Medal, Silver26
Stanley AlgooNC1961Island ScholarshipModern Studies27
Ken Rajkumar MaharajNC1962Island Scholarship Runner-upModern Studies28
Stanley DeonarineNC1969Island Scholarship29
Noel KaliecharanNC1970Island Scholarshiprunner-up Jerningham gold30
Raj BadhalNC1979Island Scholarshiptaught after at NC31
Dhurbasa ChattergoonNC1979Island Scholarship32
Peter BhagwadeenNC1982Island Scholarship33
Neil BhagwandassNC1982Island Scholarship34
David CoomansinghNC1983Island Scholarship35
Rawle ColtrustNC1987Island Scholarship36
Asad MohammedNC1987Presidents Medal, Gold37
Khalid AliNC1996National Scholarship38
Ricardo CardinezNC1996National Scholarship39
Sheldon JadoonanNC1996National Scholarship40
Prasant SawhNC1996National Scholarship41
Narindra RoopnarineNC1996National Scholarship42
George WattleyNC1996National Scholarship43
Kevin SinghNC2003Presidents Medal, Gold44
Dennis RamdassNC2004Presidents Medal, Gold45
Jansen ScheultNC2006Presidents Medal, Gold46
..NC..NC2006Presidents Medal, SilverCXC 1st place47
Marcus BelascoNC2012Presidents Medal, Gold48