photos and original documents in this section were kindly provided in 2014
by Mr Ross MacKay and Ms Debbie MacLoon Agnew, grand-nephew and grand-niece of Dr Kemp.


Farewell Address by the Waterloo Congregation to Rev. Kemp

W A T E R L O O    P R E S B Y T E R I A N    C H U R C H

23rd. May 1954.

The Rev Dr H. F. Kemp, B.A., Moderator of the Waterloo Presbyterian Church, and Mrs Kemp

Dear Friends,

The time has come when we must say a long last goodbye. We must express our deep sorrow and grief that this inevitable hour has stolen upon us. Forty years is indeed a very long time and to part with cherished dear ones as you are to us is really a very difficult task.

When we consider that you came to serve us in the fresh bloom of your youth, full of vigour and zeal, and have given us your unstinted service for our upliftment, our edification and our true understanding of Christian life;
and that your very best years were spent among us - strangers whom you took to your bosom and cherished as your own, to whom on divers occasions you gave comfort and advice, encouragement and inspiration, light and love;
and when we consider that you now approach the evening of your lives and we are forced to let you go - our hearts swell within us: and it becomes extremely difficult and painful for us to say this last farewell to you.

In our midst today are many whom you received into the Church as infants, some as adults, many who took their first Communion under your guidance and others whom you united in holy wedlock. You have grown near and dear to us. We shall not be able to forget your voice - once rich and stirring, now soft and tremulous, as you joined with us in singing one of our favourite hymns or bhajans; or when with bowed heads we heard you implore God's mercy and blessings for us. Indeed these are memories we treasure greatly, memories for which we are truly thankful.

For your good work among us, we pray that you will be suitably rewarded by our Creator - we can offer nothing in payment but we give in token of our deep love and gratitude these small mementoes which we humbly pray you accept and further we give our solemn promise that Waterloo will always be grateful for your abounding love and kindness and for the benefits derived from your stirring sermons and inspiring addresses.

May God bless you in retirement and may your future days be filled with happy memories and the satisfying knowledge that you gave the best years of your lives in the ever unfinished task of spreading the Word of God among a grateful people.

For and on behalf of the Waterloo congregation,
We remain,

D. Manickchand .. J. Mackoon .. Shirley Kurbanali
Jeremiah Pulwarty .. Stella Mahabirsingh .. Fina Gopaulsingh
Moses Khalawan .. Ivan Dookie .. Paul Koondan Maharaj (Preacher)
Geo. Peter .. Edward Manickchand .. Charles Ramoutar