Chronology of NAAC Support for Trinidad Schools & Institutions
Stan Algoo (Past President)
  • Donation to Naparima College jointly with Edmonton Branch to Trinidad & Tobago Society for the Disabled
  • Donations of $100 each to the five Alma Mater High schools & St Andrew's Theological College
  • Donation of Collier Encyclopedia sets to Iere & Hillview on their 25th anniversary
  • Sponsored Naparima Girls' High School - Centennial Collegiate Vocational Institute (Guelph) exchange visit
  • Hosted visit by Naparima College sea scouts
  • Donations of $100 to Iere Home and $200 to StAndrew's outreach program
  • Donation of McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology to Naparima College
  • Citizenship & Book awards to each High School
  • Sponsored St Augustine Girls' High School - Vincent Massey Collegiate Institute(Etobicoke) exchange visit
  • Sponsored conference of The West Indian - Ontarian:Societal involvement
  • Donation of auditorium lighting to Naparima Girls High School
  • Naparima Girls High School Diamond Jubilee fund raising of $428
  • Tenth Anniversary cultural week celebrations
  • Sponsored San Fernando Theatre Workshop production of Willie Chen's Freedom Road in Canada
  • $500 bursaries to each of Naparima College, Naparima Girls' HS, Iere, and Hillview
  • Donations of $500 each to Naparima College rewiring project and Hillview building fund
  • $500 bursaries as above and to StAugustine Girls' HS
  • Sponsored StAugustine Girls' Alumnae Choir visit to Canada and donated $4,250 to offset costs
  • Donated $500 to StAndrew's Theological CollegeCentenary building fund
  • Donation to Martin Grove Collegiate for West Indian materials for school library and $250 to West Humber Collegiate for steelband uniforms
  • Donation of $250 to University of Toronto's Emmanuel College scholarship fund in memory of Rev James Forbes Seunarine
  • Donation of $100 to The Credit Valley Hospital Foundation in memory of Mr Raymond Ramdial
  • Bursary awards of $500 to 5 Trinidad High Schools
  • Bursary awards of $500 to 5 children of NAAC members going on to post secondary institutions
  • Began NAPS100 fund in support of Naparima College's centenary auditorium /gymnasium project and eventually raised $30,000
1995-96 -
  • Steelband programs funded at schools - $6,000
  • WHCI, Cedarbrae, Pickering(?)
  • Rabindranath Maharaj support ($1,000) for new novel
  • $3,100 donated to Iere HS for purchase of 100 chairs
  • $1,200 donated to JC MacDonald Home for the Aged in San Fernando
  • Donation of 28 Caribbean titles to the Toronto Public Library
All $CDN-
  • Citizenship and book awards valued at $600 have been given annually to the five Alma Mater High Schools for the past fifteen years
  • School resources support to the five Alma Mater High Schools valued at $2,500 annually have also been honored for the last nine years
  • $500 bursaries to each Alma Mater High School have been awarded since 1991