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1940s~Horace James : Dramatist, playwright, TV filmmaker and producer for TTT and abroad.

Nationally-acclaimed comedian, actor, playwright, and radio personality. Outstanding career in British and Trinidad television, in over 23 films and TV series. In 1971, Horace was awarded the T&T Hummingbird Silver Medal for Drama.
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1948~Ralph R. Baney, PhD: Internationally known artist and sculptor, graduate of Brighton School of Art and University of Maryland, currently resident in Ellicott City, MD.
Pictured here with a work commissioned for presentation to Sir Vidia Naipaul in 2007, Ralph has enjoyed a sustained and distinguished career in his field, and has numerous public and private works in at least three countries.
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1958~Harold Hosein: Meteorologist, Radio and TV announcer, presenter.

Harold continued a decades-long career in broadcasting. meteorology and even singing and CD production until 2019. By request, he recently made a short video on the origins of Naparima's BCN programme, that planted the seed of broadcasting to several students who went on to lifelong careers in the field:
  • video: Harold on CityTV 680 News (1998)    
  • video: The Last Blue Circle Broadcast (2021)
  • 1959~Errol Sitahal: Dramatist, playwright, actor. Errol continues his decades-long career into endearing roles in recent films. His most recent vignettes of outstanding, artistic, on-camera acting:

  • video: Makak's Dream (2021)    
  • video: Shylock's Revenge (2020)    
  • video: Doubles Slight Pepper (2013)

  • 1959~Ian Angus N. Ali : 1959, Artist, teacher, poet, dramatist, media personality for TTT.

    Ian studied art at the Bath Academy of Art. He has left us a considerable legacy in the field of graphic art and poetry, presented on his estate's website below. He hosted several television shows at TTT, and is fondly remembered by the general public as the television character Uncle Ian on his original children’s show “RikkiTikki”, which also helped pioneer the early character of TTT.

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    1961~Anthony Hall: Dramatist, comedian, playwright, lecturer, long-time television and stage producer.

    Tony wrote for street, stage and screen. He worked extensively as an actor, director and playwright - in Canada with Catalyst Theatre, Edmonton and in the West Indies with Derek Walcott's Trinidad Theatre Workshop. He appeared in television drama and entertainment on CBC, ITV and NBC.
    Tony wrote the musical revue Jean and Dinah (1994), and Miss Miles (2011). He was a co-founder of Banyan, and founder of Lord Street Theatre.

    1962~Rab Maharaj (Robin): Long-time weather personality for TTT and the nation. Awarded the Trinidad & Tobago Silver Medal of Merit in 2000 by the Government of Trinidad & Tobago for Sterling Contribution to the Science of Meteorology; and For Excellence in Weather Broadcasting 1972-1999. Working with others at TT met, Rab did pioneering research in identifying a north-south Atlantic pressure oscillation, similar to the well-known El Nino oscillation in the Pacific. At school, Rab was a Head Prefect, and the Student Leader of Sammy House. In 2017, the Express published a summary of his career.

  • video: Rab in 2021, keeping fit

    1965~Dennis Hall: Teacher, comedian, writer, performer, TV show host.

    Dennis' first calling was teaching, but he became widely known as a TT-style "stand-up comedian" under the stage name of Sprangalang. Students who knew his father's teaching style at Naparima saw in Sprangalang's performances a fusion of the elder Hall, with Naps schoolyard old-talk, and local street picong.
    Dennis also acted in prominent roles in the stage play: A Man in the Bedroom (2010) and Canadian TV production Lord Have Mercy (2003); and a Canadian film: A Winter Tale (2007).
    Memories - Godfrey Martin

    1971~Henry Daniel, PhD : 1964-71, Professional dancer, artistic director, professor of contemporary arts at SFU.

    Hailing from Friendship Village near San Fernando, after leaving NC in 1971, Henry started his career as an actor with Derek Walcott's Trinidad Theatre Workshop and a dancer with Astor Johnson's Repertory Dance Theatre in TT. Subsequently, he pursued an international career in Germany, the UK, and New York. He obtained a doctorate from Bristol University in contemporary performance and new technologies, and researched new interfaces in this area at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia.

    1984~Ancel Bhagwandeen : Inventor, technical designer and consultant at MIC-IT, Penal.

    Ancel has twice won the Prime Minister's Award for Scientific Ingenuity, in 2013 and 2015. His 2013 award was for the "Ion Hammer", a device for regenerating lead-acid batteries, that was launched commercially in 2018. The 2015 Award is for invention of the world's first electronic steel-pan stick (tenor), which self-illuminates based on the percussion stroke against the pan.

    ... the Light PantaStick [x]
    This innovative instrument is in use now by the Naparima combined pan side, since 2020. This first commercial batch was sponsored by UNIPET, and each stick was personally hand-built by Ancel. Thus, a 'world's first' invention from a Naps boy has come full circle to be in use by other Naps boys on the hill.

    Ancel obtained a degree in Industrial Engineering at U.W.I. (1989). He also holds several technical certifications, including M.I.T. Certified Electronics Design (2013), CISCO Certified I.C.T.(2010), University of California - software programming. (2017); and he is holder of 10 National & International Innovation/ Invention awards & recognitions.
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