Published Authors

1938~Samuel Selvon: A 1938 grad, renowned author of several Caribbean novels, and university professor. Naparima has established a Samuel Selvon Day in his honour.
  • A Brighter Sun (1952)
  • An Island is a World (1955)
  • Lonely Londoners (1956)
  • Ways of Sunlight (1957)
  • Turn Again Tiger (1958)
  • I Hear Thunder (1963)
  • The Housing Lark (1965)
  • A Drink of Water (1968)
  • The Plains of Caroni (1970)
  • Those Who Eat the Cascadura (1972)
  • Moses Ascending (1975)
  • Pressure (screenplay co-written with Horace Ove, 1976)
  • Moses Migrating (1983)
  • Foreday Morning (1989)
  • Eldorado West One, collected one-act plays (1989)
  • Highway in the Sun and Other Plays (1991)

  • 1975~Rabindranath Maharaj: Notable new novelist on the Canadian / West Indian literary scene.
  • The Interloper (1995)
  • The Writer and His Wife & Other Stories (1996)
  • Homer in Flight (1997)
  • The Lagahoo's Apprentice (2000)
  • The Book of Ifs and Buts (2002)
  • A Perfect Pledge (2007)

  • 1960~Jagdip Maraj: This 1960 graduate published a small volume of poetry while a student at McGill. Jagdip spent much of his career teaching in Paris, before retiring to a family-run orange-grove in Rousillac. He passed away in 2020.

    ”Art is a concrete manifestation of Spirit. Thus it is sacred. … The poem represents a synthesis of experience, a synthesis of subjective and objective forces ..."
  • The Flaming Circle (1966)
  • A Great Rain (1966, from above)

  • 1950s~Harripersad Samaroo:
    is a 1950's graduate and health worker who has become a first-novel author in the UK. The 460-page novel about life in a south country village is written mostly in our native dialect.
  • The Cursed Village (1966)
  • 1968~Kenneth Ramchand:
    Ken devoted his entire career to developing his literary scholarship as a student, UWI professor, and author.
  • An Introduction to the Study of West Indian Literature (1976)
  • West Indian Narrative: An Introductory Anthology (1966)
  • The West Indian Novel and its Background (1983)

  • 1960~Trevor McDonald: A 1960 graduate who became a media celebrity in the UK (see elsewhere on this page).
  • Britain's Favourite View (2007)
  • Trevor McDonald's World of Poetry (2000 - with Molly Sample)
  • Fortunate Circumstances (1993)
  • Viv Richards: The Authorized Biography (1985)
  • Clive Lloyd (Biography) (..)

  • Polly Indar, Dorothy B. Ramesar, Sylvia Bissessar: Probably the best-known and most-requested guide to authentic Trinidad cuisine.
  • Naparima Girls' High School Diamond Jubilee 1912-1987, Trinidad & Tobago Recipes
    (Naparima Girls' High School Cook-book)

  • Ishmael (Jim) Baksh: Two Caribbean-themed novels:
  • Black Light (1988)
  • Out of Darkness (1995)

  • 1930s~Noor Hassanali: Selected addresses:
  • Teaching Words (2002)

  • Winston Mahabir: Memoirs of a senior minister of the TT independence government:
  • In and Out of Politics (1978)

  • 1961~Gerad Tikasingh: A 1961 grad, and currently retired lecturer at Morgan State University and Bowie State University:
  • Trinidad During the 19th Century: The Indian Experience (2013)

  • 1959~Brinsley Samaroo: Brinsley's long career as a professor of history at UWI is reflected in a number of articles and papers of shared academic authorship. Notable book publications of general interest include these below.

    Ifill's photos offer a selection of images of the sugar-cane industry by San Fernando's master photographer. Brinsley's most recent book (2022) makes for an interesting foil and companion work to his 2015 publication - Rienzi was a central figure in the Caribbean labour unrest in 1937, and "Conscience" presents a biography of a British administrator in the midst of these events.
  • The Art of Garnet Ifill (1995)
  • In celebration of 150 Years: the Indian Contribution (1995 - edited with Ramchand, Haracksingh)
  • India in the Caribbean (1987 - edited with D. Dabydeen)
  • The Price of Conscience (2015)
  • Adrian Cola Rienzi, Life and Times (2022)

  • Stella Algoo:
  • Austin C. Clarke: a biography (1994)

  • Joyce Mahabir: An NGHS graduate, whose first novel explores the experience of a young woman moving from a rural Trinidad village to New York.
  • Jouvert (2007)

  • 1966~Kenneth R. Bainey: A 1966 graduate who has devoted his career to information technology development, application, management and strategic application.

    After years of popularity of his landmark project text-book, Ken follows up with a second book sharing his professional expertise in the IT field. Sample feature:
    "Provides a results-driven performance measurement and accountability framework that is based on a specific set of strategic management, IT operational management, and performance management components".
  • Integrated IT Project Management: A Model-Centric Approach (2003)
  • Integrated IT Performance Management (2016)
  • Sunshine Snow Snowbird (2023)

  • 1957~Franklyn Dookheran: Franklyn has pursued a lifetime career of innovation in the Information Technology field.

    After graduating from Naparima, he pursued a degree at London University in Mathematics and Statistics. However, he soon turned his career to the burgeoning field of Information Technology. The rest of his career was spent in many of the key roles of IT – programmer, analyst, designer, and management. During these years, IT also drew him into exciting responsibilities in introducing new technology and procedures to many organizations, progressively in more than 33 cities around the world.

    Whilst promoting computer technology, he partnered with the Management Development Centre to provide educational sessions for business managers, career advice for students of several high schools. He organized IT conferences in 1985 and 86, and wrote over 250 articles for the Trinidad Express and Trinidad Guardian, Computing Canada in Canada, and Starbroek News and the Chronicle in Guyana. He co-founded the Junior Express in which he wrote the Computer Corner column for children. In the 1990s, he wrote for the Express targeting the business community with the theme the "Business Issues of IT".

    Dookheran’s vast portfolio of 220 projects extended across the Government, Manufacturing, Retail, Utilities, Finance, Insurance, Health, Energy, Television, Telecommunication, Distribution and Medical sectors.

    His latest books include
  • The Other Side of the Computer (2015)
  • IT For Business Executives (2021)
  • Guided by Faith (2021)
  • Education in Information Technology (2023).

  • 1973~Fayad W. Ali: A 1970's graduate who returned to his Alma Mater to make a career of re-enacting the values of former generations of masters dedicated to teaching. Mr Fayad Ali's passion for teaching mathematics together with a personal regard for his students is a formula that has resulted in giving Naparima an amazing record in this field, in the Caribbean and perhaps further afield.

    Complementing this, sometimes collaborating with other educators, Fayad has produced a prolific series of teaching text-books in wide use, with another emerging soon from Nelson & Thompson.
  • Multiple Choice Mathematics for CXC (Nelson & Thornes)
  • Progress Papers in Mathematics (Nelson & Thornes)
  • STP Caribbean Mathematics series, Books 1,2,3 & 4 co-authored (Nelson & Thornes)
  • Solutions to A'level CAPE Mathematics Unit 1 (Caribbean Pub.)
  • Solutions to CAPE A'level Unit 2 (Caribbean Pub)
  • Mastering Multiple Choice at CXC level (Caribbean Pub.)
  • Mastering MC at A'levels (Nelson & Thornes)
  • Mastering MC at NCSE level (Nelson & Thornes)
  • Mathematics for Secondary Schools
  • The Stars Do Shine (novel, 2016)
  • Making of the Mark (novel, 2017)
  • The Long and Winding Road (novel, 2018)

  • 1949~Clarence Madhosingh: A 1949 graduate and career research scientist in microbiology and agriculture, Clarence published over 90 scientific papers, and received the Canada Medal of Service in 1995. Upon retirement, he wrote several books outlining his personal analytical approach to aspects of his life. Of special interest is his classic outline of student life at Naparima in his time.
  • Naparima Memoirs 1944-1950
  • Recollections: Poems
  • Blanchicheuse: in the 1940's World War
  • The Universe and I: Random Thoughts
  • Clarence donates 65 copies of book to grads 2020

    1949~Rajandaye Ramkissoon(Chen): Dr. Rajandaye Ramkissoon Chen became an obstetrician, but was a poet and author from her time in school. Her tribute to the inspiring teacher, Ralph Laltoo is here.
  • “Ancestry” (Hansib Caribbean, Tower House, London, UK. ISBN:976-8163-10-0).

  • 1949~June Lee-Sing (Khan): A 1949 graduate, June recently published a small compendium of folklore stories she heard as a child growing up in Grand Chemin, in Moruga. The publication is available in print and as an e-book, (click title below).
  • Moruga Tales (2nd ed., 2017)
  • The second edition is enlarged in content. Click for e-book download.

    1954~Fred Thornhill video: A 1954 graduate who was a popular goalkeeper on the early 50s school team. Fred grew up within a mile of the school grounds. After graduation he worked with a local media company, eventually applying his skills at York University in Toronto.

    Here too he published a small book on dyslexia, outlining issues and coping stategems. He has also written a unique documentation of the history of secondary school football in southern Trinidad. And at the end of 2022, he published his third book, being memoirs of his boyhood times in the 1940's, available on Amazon.
  • Dyslexia: Different not Disabled
  • The History of Intercol (2015)
  • The Crabs Were Running (2022)

  • 1956~Mahadeo Bissoon: A 1956 graduate who studied economic geography at Edinburgh University and McGill, then taught for 30 years while also pursuing practical careers in related fields, Mahadeo has now published his observations and thoughts relating to development in T&T. This clear, easily-read treatise covers the historical issues, current development landscape, and the author's view of the way forward.
  • Seeing Inside the Bocas (2013)

  • 2000~Angelo Bissessarsingh: A 2000 graduate who went on to UWI, Angelo has long fascinated us with carefully researched web and newspaper articles on various aspects on TT history. These may otherwise have been lost to us and future generations.

    Angelo has authored notable documentary books on national history. He also invented and implemented the idea of a Virtual Museum for TT. Now, as a nationally-celebrated figure in 2016, Angelo has just published a book with his best archival photographs and descriptions of the past.
  • Virtual Museum of T&T
  • Walking with My Ancestors
  • A Walk Back in Time
  • Snapshots of History of Trinidad & Tobago (2016)

  • 1960~Winston Dookeran: A graduate of the London School of Economics, London University, and the University of Manitoba. Winston led a diverse and dynamic career in politics and economics, eventually serving as deputy prime minister, Governor of Caribbean Development Bank, Governor of TT's Central Bank, and Minister of Finance. He is currently professor of Practice at UWI.

    Besides those below, Winston has authored or co-authored numerous career-related publications, and now produces a timely analysis of current circumstances:
  • The Caribbean on the Edge (2022)
  • Choices and Change: Reflections on the Caribbean. IDB and Johns Hopkins University Press (July 1996)
  • Crisis and Promise in the Caribbean: Politics and Convergence. Routledge (2016)

  • Harold Harnarine: .
  • A Layman's Guide to Inflation (2004)

  • Faizal Hydal: The author, former Dean of Studies at Naparima, looks back on his career with many interesting details from his first-hand work "within the system".
  • Looking Back (2015)

  • Published Authors

    1930s~Noor Hassanali
    1938~Samuel Selvon
    1940~Winston Mahabir
    1949~Clarence Madhosingh
    1949~June Lee-Sing (Khan)
    1949~Rajandaye Ramkissoon
    1950s~Harripersad Samaroo
    1956~Mahadeo Bissoon
    1957~Franklyn Dookheran
    1957~Fred Thornhill
    1958~Kenneth Ramchand
    1959~Brinsley Samaroo
    1960~Jagdip Maraj
    1960~Trevor McDonald
    1960~Winston Dookeran
    1961~Gerad Tikasingh
    1966~Kenneth R. Bainey
    1973~Fayad W. Ali
    1975~Rabindranath Maharaj
    2000~Angelo Bissessarsingh
    Faizal Hydal
    Harold Harnarine
    Ishmael (Jim) Baksh
    Joyce Mahabir
    Polly Indar, Dorothy B. Ramesar, Sylvia Bissessar
    Stella Algoo