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March 2005: THIS JUST IN:

Word has reached NC-Forever from Paradise Pastures that the last remnant of the 1931 main wing is slated for immediate demolishment.

Original 1933 Picture, east aspect

See also original proud missionary description of the building.

In 1957 when Rev Lute oversaw the construction of present frontage, it was envisaged that the current AV room would be extended backward through the space occupied by this original wooden memory-laden wing, to create a new grand auditorium for Naps. This did not happen at the time, nor in the years since, but it may indeed materialize in the future.

In the intervening five decades the original 1931 structure, (housing a state of the art chemistry lab at the time, as well as an auditorium and stage - some people may remember Errol Sitahal elegantly proclaiming: "Is this a dagger that I see before me?"; or Kerwin Webb playing his guitar onstage; as well as many other memorable productions) was retained for many more years of service.

Although the originally planned auditorium is not going forward at present, tenders may soon be given out for the construction of a new gymnasium.

original wing, post-1958, south aspect

wing demolished, March 2005, 1958 construction behind and to right